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Enjoy 47 Versatile brushes that do everything you need.

The pack includes:

  • ✔ 15 Texture Brushes.
  • ✔ 10 Painting Brushes.
  • ✔ 11 Portrait Brushes.
  • ✔ 5 Sketching Brushes.
  • ✔ 18 Inking Brushes.
  • ✔ My Favorite Brushes Pack: 4 of my essential round brushes and 9 of my favorite brushes from the other packs.
  • ✔ FREE! Installation Guide video for each of the softwares
  • ✔ FREE! In-depth Brush Tour. Showing you how to use each brush.
  • ✔ FREE! 10 Ultra High Definition Paper Textures.
  • ✔ FREE! Lifetime Updates (access to future brushes and more bonuses).

I am so sure you will love them that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!



Compatible with Photoshop, Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, and Artstudio Pro

“LP Brushes is my personal collection of brushes. Handcrafted to be the only brush pack you will ever need. These brushes are what I use to create concept art and illustration every day, professionally and for myself. Enjoy them!”

-Lucas Peinador
Concept Artist, Illustrator, Content Creator.

15 reviews for LP BRUSHES – ☀️SUMMER SALE 50% OFF! ☀️

  1. hassan

    will buy them

  2. Joseph (verified owner)

    Hey guys I wanted to say these brushes are worth it and with my experience I think the price should go up actually but I’ll leave that to the artist. This brush kit is one of the best and trust when I say don’t waste your time trying to find a free one because no body else can make brushes like this. 5/5 for me. So yes i really do like these brushes

    • Lucas

      Wow Joseph, this is such a nice comment. A million thanks for your support and your good words, I’ll do my best to continue improving the product to give you even more value.
      Much love,

  3. Chema Gonzalez (verified owner)

    LP brushes are hard cuality brushes, you can see the time devoted in them. Sometimes as an artist you need a little push up for making things better THIS is the push up. I use them a lot in photoshop and in Clipstudio as well, they are a nice touch from the begging of an illustration until the very end also the fact of having everything covered from the roght sketches, the inking, the shading,and the rendering is very helpful, Can’t wait to see what’s coming next 😃

    • Lucas

      Thank you Chema! I did try to make a pack for every stage of the painting. Happy you are enjoying them in Photoshop and CSP!

  4. murat kakar (verified owner)

    Dear Teacher Lucas, sorry because of my bad english. Your brushes are incredibly beautiful, I have bought many brushes from many places so far, all the money I gave was wasted, but when I see your brushes, it is impossible not to be amazed. Awesome custom set of brushes that I can use for all my artworks. Really thanks. Beyond great.

    • Lucas

      Thank you so much Murat, means a lot to hear that. I put a lot of love into these brushes so it makes me very happy that other artists enjoy then!

  5. ivnretanao (verified owner)

    Muchas gracias, me encanta trabajar con el set de brushes porque estan muy completos.

    • Lucas

      A ti las gracias por el comentario! Me alegra mucho que te gusten.

  6. David rubini (verified owner)

    Very useful and versatile brushes!

  7. Jeremiah Wathen (verified owner)

    Ive recently transitioned from ibispaint X to procreate and i was struggling with getting better brushes for coloring and blending colors, this was 110% worth my money, totally awesome, and now i can finish my art project.

    • Lucas (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your kind words Jeremiah, means a lot to hear that. I’ll continue working on these brushes forever to bring you all the value I can.

  8. Rani Ramli

    Thank for the brushes

  9. Farouk Zayen

    Hello there sad to say but I really want to get these brushes. If someone can give them to me for free than I will apreciate this.

  10. Perri Taylor-F

    I brought these brushes a few weeks ago and honestly, I wish I brought them way sooner!
    As an illustrator, I’ve been wanting to get back into drawing more loose sketch work and not be afraid to make mistakes and these brushes emulate that feeling of sketching with a simple pencil and pad I can’t describe it but this pack made it work!
    Now, if these brushes were available for Serif Affinity programs, then I don’t think I’d need another brush pack ever again no joke!
    100% worth the purchase without a doubt!

    • Lucas (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your comment Perry. It makes me very happy to hear that 🙏

  11. John

    I’m giving you a 5 star even though I’m not buying it because i can’t, (if I could I would), I’m coming from your instructional video of the miles morales cartoon drawing and you said you put the LP chalk brush for free on this link and I was wondering if you changed it or where it’s at because I’m really looking forward to using this

    • Lucas (verified owner)

      Hey John, thank you for the comment, if you go to you will find a form that you can submit to get my free brushes 🙂 there is the LP Magic Chalk brush

  12. Enrique Marin (verified owner)

    Amigo! Compré tus brushes hace un año. Tuve que formatear mi equipo recientemente y ahora que quise volver a descargar tus brushes me dice: No file defined Go to shop.
    Pls podrías ayudarme? Tengo los correos de compra y los comprobantes 😀
    Eres un duro, me encetaron tus pinceles 100000/10.

    • Lucas (verified owner)

      Gracias Enrique!
      Te acabo de mandar los links de los pinceles a tu correo 🙂

  13. Joel (verified owner)

    Hi Lucas,

    So glad I stumbled onto your brush link tutorial on YouTube, it saved me the frustration of trying to create the perfect brush for me….you have already done it!! I downloaded the Free
    test pack and knew immediately, these are the brushes I was looking for. I made the full purchase straight away.

    Best regards!


    • Lucas (verified owner)

      Hey Joel, thank you very much for that! Makes me happy to know that you are enjoying them. Much love and thanks for the support.

  14. Ana Rita (verified owner)

    As a beginner in digital art and a student, I struggle to get good brush sets for free, when I decided to buy one I knew it had to be from Lucas Peinador. Plus, got it on sale for 19,99. Super amazing, Doing the gods work

    • Lucas (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Ana Rita, you are so kind!

  15. Miguel

    It would be really nice if there was at least one day when it was free! I live in Brazil and it’s too expensive for me, which is why I really wanted these Brushes. I put 5 stars, even though I don’t have these Brushes, I totally believe they are amazing 😔

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